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6 Reasons You Should Be Thinking About The Benefits Of User Testing

Spending a lot of time and money on a website only to have it go dead in the water on launch is everyone online business owner’s worst nightmare. You’ve slaved and stressed over it until that special moment when you introduce it to the world and now visitors are showing up and leaving just as quickly as they came. They don’t want to discover what you have to offer. The bad news is, the problem is your website. 

The good news is, there is a very easy way to minimize or eliminate this problem and keep visitors on your site longer. It’s called User Experience Testing or User Testing. User Experience Testing is just what its name implies. It’s when you get people, preferably from your target market, to browse and test features of your website and give you feedback.

You may be thinking it’s enough that you or your team have already tested the site. Perhaps you are wondering what good does it do to have random people testing your website when it’s already been given the green light. To answer your question, here are some of the main reasons you should invest in User Experience Testing.

1. To Improve Trust: Having fresh eyes going over your website will help discover common issues that you could have missed like broken links and forms. I have abandoned websites many times for having broken links and/or forms because upon discovering the issue, I lost trust in the website. How can a visitor trust your website when features are broken? These items are easy to fix but also easy to miss when you have been looking at the same code day after day. A fresh pair of eyes is a gift.

2. To Improve Conversion Rates: A website tester will spot bad copy, grammatical and spelling errors and copy that is unclear allowing you to make critical improvements and increase your conversion rates. This is particularly true for copy that is unclear. It's common for a website visitor to be unsure of what you're selling (this has happened to one of my sites in the past) or unsure of what steps you would like them to take.

3. To Improve Website Availability: If you are able to catch broken code, including on-screen errors, before they bring your website to its knees you will lessen downtime and keep your website up longer. Some code issues can gradually create a problem and then one day you’ll wake up and find your revenue generating website has been down all night. Worse still, hacked because malicious individuals have found a way to exploit errors in your code. This possibility can be minimized or avoided if you were to invest in User Testing. Even less savvy testers can spot on-screen errors while hiring developers to test your website can help you catch more elusive code issues.

4. So Users Will Love To Visit Your Website: User Experience Testing focuses on the desires and expectations of the user. If your website does not focus on the the desires and expectations of the user they will not love it and they will not return no matter how beautiful it is. User tests will test the natural flow of information and the intuitiveness of the navigation on your website. Both of these are high failure points for many websites. I was on a website just yesterday where I was trying to find out more about a piece of software. I was on the company website and it felt like a never-ending click-fest to find the information. I had to first click the navigation bar across the top then a tiny square in the body of the page then back to the top bar then side bar navigation and in the end I never found the information I was looking for. I just abandoned the site. Don’t let this be your website. Invest in User Testing.

5. To Improve Customer Satisfaction: When you get feedback from User Testing, you are able to make improvements before you lose customers. These improvements, in turn, cause less customer support requests due to working code, better copy, working links and forms, etc. You can get ahead of customer complaints by giving them little or nothing to complain about. Take charge of the quality of your website and you will have very happy customers.

6. To Give Users What They Are Really Looking For: I’ll throw myself under the bus on this one. Once upon a time I built an elaborate online store where I dumped tons of money and did no User Testing at all. After more than 5 years of pitiful sales (the horror), I broke down and invested in some User Experience Testing. I wanted to know what users were thinking when they visited the site. The site design was beautiful, I had over 10,000 products (also a problem) and the website was super fast. I hired several people to go through every feature on the site and to my surprise, what I thought I was giving users was not what they wanted. I thought I was presenting a cleaner site that was easy to navigate. What I got from every single tester right off the bat was “What kind of site is this?”. I had very few products on the home page and what I did have there was a bit ambiguous. They thought they were visiting a website that sold a specific niche of products but what they got was a sterile page that didn’t support that. I was very surprised but it was an experience that opened my eyes to the value of User Testing. I would never have thought that was a big issue but it was costing me sales.

A small investment in User Testing for your website means you will launch a site visitors understand and enjoy. They will stay longer and come back again and again. If you sign up on our mailing list today, you will get one FREE user testing video from us upon request. We will thoroughly go over your website as a user and report back any issues we find via screencast video.

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